Justin Timberlake X Hologram Prince For The Super Bowl Halftime Show

TMZ - We also got video of JT's rehearsal, and our sources say there won't be an 'N Sync reunion either, but Prince will be returning to the stage in Minnesota ... in hologram form.

According to TMZ during the Super Bowl halftime show Justin Timberlake will be bringing out a hologram of Prince. Here is what twitter thinks.. 

Well this is going to be interesting. Personally I think it is a terrible idea especially if Prince was quoted saying he would never want that. But, and hear me out, I will probably end up liking the performance with or without the Prince hologram. I trust Justin Timberlake to put out the most bad ass 13 minute show and he has earned that trust. Just don't mess it up. 

I purposely threw the video from TMZ at the bottom just in case you didn't want any spoilers of the performance tomorrow. If you don't care though, here ya go!

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