Justin Timberlake's Super Bowl Halftime Show

No more speculation. The Super Bowl is finish and so is the halftime show. It seemed like this week was filled with rumors. Which artists would show up from Prince to Chris Stapleton. Cardi B randomly telling us she has no interest in performing. Even though there was no chance we would see her tonight I was a tiny bit bummed when she broke the news. Anyways, as always twitter wins the night. Let's check out the big moments of the performance and what twitter thought. 

*NSYNC fans were let down as their hopes of a reunion didn't happen. 

With the Super Bowl in Minneapolis there were a lot of talks of a Prince hologram (as reported by TMZ). This cause twitter to lose their mind because Prince was quoted basically saying if they bring him back in hologram form they're assholes.

Honestly I loved the tribute.

Let's check twitter..

Mixed but once again I thought a tribute to the hometown icon was awesome.

Now to this new legend.

Sure this was a great moment for him and I am happy or whatever but my god was it awkward. Needed less of this kid and more *NSYNC. 

Overall grade: B+

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