Meet The Selfie Kid From The Super Bowl Halftime Show

If you were my brother Jakob last night you completely missed the Super Bowl and therefore missed selfie kid. Like the performance itself, he left twitter with some mixed reviews. I don't want to roast this kid because he is a kid but what the hell was that?!?! Completely set up for failure as soon as Justin Timberlake strolled up there. The dancing was just as bad as mine. 

Listen I love Justin Timberlake but he really does add a false confidence when you're around him. You start really feeling yourself while he is singing. Next thing you know he is dancing with his arm around you. Then you start dancing ridiculous. 

I'm not trying to hate, I caught myself dancing in the living room tonight. Sexyback started playing and I lost control. Justin Timberlake makes dancing seem effortless. When I get a little tequila drunk and dance on beat for 25 seconds of a song I would be lucky enough to look half as good as Napoleon Dynamite. 

I should stop hating though check out the selfie!

A very cool moment and it's not like the kid is trying to turn this into more than a once in a lifetime experience.. 

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