Philadelphia Is Burning Down

Last night the city of Philadelphia was going to burn down win or lose. I am a die hard sports fan but this is where even I draw the line and say to myself "Why are they doing this?" 

First off you idiots, your tax dollars are going to pay for everything you destroy, but why are we rioting like this is Ferguson or Portland after the Trump election? Your team just won the Super Bowl, go chug some beers, smoke a joint, party with friends. What is the point of tearing down light posts, smashing window fronts, and flipping cars?

The city of Philadelphia should be ashamed of themselves. I hope no other team from Philadelphia ever wins again after this and I am willing to bet the government officials in Philadelphia probably feel the same way.

You fans are ignorant and embarrassing. People in Philadelphia shouldn't be allowed to reproduce. Congrats you morons you are Champions. 

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