Justin Timberlake Reflects On Super Bowl Halftime And Price Tribute

Man, SLOW NEWS DAY. I feel like ever since the Super Bowl the world has just been sleeping besides the Dorito CEO acting up. Alright, lets talk about this video.

First of all so typical Jimmy to make the first part of the interview about him making videos with Justin. I get you're his best friend and you love doing everything with your guests but I'm just trying to hear about the Super Bowl. More speciafically Prince. 

When we all heard the rumors of a hologram and what could happen at the Super Bowl everyone lost their collective minds. Between this and Kylie Jenner's baby I almost forgot there was an actual football game to be played. 

Unfortunately they didn't touch on all the controversy that was had but they did talk a little about the process of getting the recordings and what they used for the show. Pretty amazing to hear. 

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