See The World For A Cheetahs Point Of View

I'm bored on my couch right now. Don't really have much to do and I stumbled on this video. First thought is I am mad it didn't kill anything. Now if it did then you can already tell that I didn't watch the video. But if it never killed anything then I am outraged at the fact they didn't put the majestic animal chowing down on some deer or whatever that eat. 

Speaking of outrage I am a little shocked reading the comments that more people didn't come out saying this is terrible for the animal. In the 15 seconds I watch the camera doesn't really look that comfortable. 

Alright well this is all I really have to say. I'm sure my next blog will be about the Kardashians so get ready for all the "who cares" comments and "I hate them stop talking about them". Honestly I feel like those people secretly love them. There is this dude Andrew who comments on each post about how disgusted he is. Something tells me Andrew watches their show every week and has all their makeup too. 

I'm not afraid to talk about Andrew in this blog because I know he won't read this... Why? Well because it isn't a Kardashian blog... 

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