There Is A New Hair Product & I Hate It

You ever mess with glitter? I'm seriously asking this question because some people have been fortunate enough to never touch it. 

There is nothing quite like the annoyance of coming in contact with glitter. It doesn't matter how much you have on you it doesn't matter, it will still be somewhere in a day. 

Oh it's on your kid's hands from an art project they did at school today?? That's cool enjoy seeing that glitter all over your car for the next three weeks. 

Someone got you a card with glitter in it because of your big promotion?? Congratulations! That glitter will show up in your bed for the next 3 days for absolutely no reason. 

Now we are just throwing it in our hair?? You'd probably die in 50 years and that glitter will show up in your casket. 

I'm sure a lot of people are going to love this new, little, hair thingy?.. honestly I have no clue what to call this. Whatever it is it stinks and I am not for it.

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