Adult Records Himself Passing Blunt To Children

The internet is losing it's mind over this video you are about to watch. A guy is handing children a blunt filled with weed. He asks the kid "how old are you bro?" he says "12" the man with the pot proceeds to hand the blunt to the child while saying "hit the reefer bro" 

After the 12 year old hits the blunt he offers it to the 14 year old girl in the room. 

Here is what a couple people had to say on facebook.

Angel• 2 hours ago

Very irresponsible. Contributing to the delinquency of a minor is against the law. Thats why people need to watch their kids and the adults that are around them. Dude is dead wrong for that. You don't corrupt no kids.

De1tron3030 • 7 hours ago

I started smoking in 7th grade but this shit is wack. Kids want to make their own choice fine but shouldnt have a grown man hanging out with them smoking

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