Disney To Release Streaming Service

According to Deadline, Disney is set to release a streaming service after they pulled out of the deal with Netflix. No R rated content will be on the site. The goal for the first year in the site is to have 5 TV shows and 5 original movies.

I may be a huge Disney homer but, bite me, I like what they do. A Disney streaming service opens up an entirely new slate for remakes of the classics. Let’s break down some of what deadline reported as shows to be made. 

1. High Schools Musical - TV Show

See this is tough for me because I really could never get down with HSM... hahaha nahhh I’m playing I freaking love it. I just don’t know how a show can take over what the franchise did. Good luck finding your next Troy. 

2. Monsters Inc. - TV Series

I thought about a couple scenarios the one that makes me happy is when we check in to see how Boo is doing. KITTY!!



With all the recent announcements of the Star Wars universe expanding there is no surprise that they would put something on the site. Hopefully something with the Skywalkers.

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