Will Smith Congratulates Jaden Smith By Remaking His Video


Will Smith was celebrating Jaden Smith's accomplishment of getting 100,000,000 streams on his album SYRE. Yea you read that right, ONE HUNDRED MILLION streams. Will Smith is an incredibly talented guy and clearly so is his son Jaden Smith. If you haven't listened I highly recommend you listen on our iHeartRadio App *DING*.

Will Smith getting an instagram is one of the best things to happen to instagram. It's needed right now too because of how terrible the posting algorithm is. Seriously instagram, can you please just put the posts back in chronological order?? You ever hear of "if it ain't broke, dont fix it"? I am sick of seeing posts from 6 days ago.

Now let's check out Will Smith's Instagram...

Trolling Justin Timberlake

Being a proud dad

Solving a rubix cube

Decent puns..

And preparing for the Super Bowl. 

The Smith's are some cool people. 

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