People Answer The Question, 'Why Are You Single?'

#WhyImSingle was trending on twitter and as always twitter won the night with hilarious responses. Even with the twitter update I don't think I can fit all the reasons why I am single so let's look at the best of. 

I feel this on too many levels. I like food too much to actually be in a good relationship. The worst is the person in the group who when it is time to order they respond with, "Im fine im not hungry". Next thing you know they get the stomach of a whale (whales have the largest stomach by the way.. google it). Next thing you know they eat all your fries. 

Also 98798% of the reason why I get into arguments with anyone is because I am hangry. Because of this I have to eat all my food at all times

My favorite activity always is to lay in my bed and watch netflix. While this act can be incredibly fun with a significant other (sex), I am yet to meet a girl while I am laying in my bed and watching netflix.

PSYCHOPATH AWARD GOES TO YOU!!! I'm sorry to post this offensive content to the website but there really is no debate why Great Legaspi is single.. 

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