John Stamos And His Wife Celebrate One Week At Disney


John Stamos and Caitlin McHugh got married last saturday. Super happy for the couple and I'm sure they're both living on cloud nine! There really is nothing like the honeymoon phase (so I'm told. I'm 22 I don't actually know), but you can't be celebrating weekly anniversaries John! You're setting the standard way too high. 

Since I am a lonely SOB I'm going to compare this to work. Let's say your first day was on a monday. After working for a full week your boss the next monday gives you a bagel and says happy one week! Starts making a huge deal about how the week was awesome and how excited they are for your next week... guess what? You'll be expecting at least a bagel after week two!! When you don't get it you'll wonder what you did wrong, right? 

So John, congrats! You owe Caitlin at least a bagel for week 2, and that bagel happens to be Disney World.

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