Jenna Fischer Talks About Jim And Pam

Ugh. Jim and Pam are forever the GOATs when it comes to television relationships and if you disagree..

Jenna Fischer talked about how they had real life chemistry. Buuuuttttt not really the chemistry that you'd think Jim and Pam had. Basically there is 0 sexual tension. Shocker but not all couples on TV actually do it when the camera is off. The chemistry was so real with these two though, even to the point where when Jenna was close to John she just turns into Pam. 

That comfortability was seen on the TV screen for years and like I said will forever go down as the best TV couple out there. 

A close second to this couple would probably be a couple who I always go back and forth with. I love them because it just made sense they ended up together. I go back and forth because this relationship was the demise to someone we cared so much about. 

I just want this show to come back.

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