Kim Cattrall Calls Out "Hypocrite" Sarah Jessica Parker

Turns out Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall left their friendship on the set of "Sex & The City" ....that is if one ever even existed. There's been speculation for quite some time now that the two were on bad terms and well, I think it's safe to say that has now been confirmed.

After Kim Cattrell's brother had gone missing earlier in the month, he was found dead on his rural property in Alberta, Canada. Following his death, Kim took to twitter to thank those that were there for her during this tragic time. 

Apparently those she was thanking didn't include SJP, and Kim made sure to make that VERY clear. (If she hasn't already) 

I'm gonna go ahead and assume this means there will not be a Sex & The City reunion. What. A. Bummer. 

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