Teen Olympian Living His Best Life

Red Gerard, 17-year-old snowboarder from Colorado, won the United States its first gold medal at the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Games on Sunday.

Gerard's Sunday was off to a rough start. His roommate, Olympian snowboarder Kyle Mack, had to wake Red up after he had overslept on a day he's essentially been prepping for, for his entire life. Once he was woken up, he realized that his jacket was missing and had to borrow Kyle's. Despite the morning struggles, he made it to his event on time. He was in dead last going into his third run, and then BOOM. His final performance landed him a gold medal, but the excitement doesn't end there. As the reality settled in, Gerard let out a glorious "holy f*ck" on national television, so quickly that NBC wasn't able to censor it in time. If this kid isn't living his best life, then I don't know who is.



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