Animal Abusers Will Now Be Registerd Like Sex Offenders

A new law is growing in popularity across the country, and it's definitely something we can all agree on. 

A number of United States jurisdictions have implemented an animal offenders registry, which much like sex offenders registry, will publicly reveal the names of known animal abusers in the area. Tennessee is currently the only state to officially have the registry, but cities such as New York and Cook County, IL have them at a local level. 

So just how long are they registered for? A first time animal abuser will be registered for two years. An additional 5 years will be added for every subsequent offense after the two years. Convicted abusers will have to pay a $50 registration fine. All abusers 18 or older must include a recent photo as well as any other aliases they might go by. If you fail to register, you could face a year in prison and a fine of up to $1,000. 

You guys, my heart is so happy. There's finally something being done for all the poor lil animals that can't stick up for themselves. With all the negative things you read these days, here's a little positivity for ya......and also some puppies.

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