Bullet Men Statues At The Olympics Are Taking Over Twitter, They Look Like

Great Olympics so far. Lots of highlights or whatever... anyways those statues are penises with penises, right? They're called "Bullet Men", but c'mon we gotta call it how we see it. 

Japanese twitter got ahold of it and had some fun...

Honestly I have no freaking clue what that tweet said. I just saw it on twitter and needed to add those pictures to the blog. You can look up what it says if you want but this next video is too funny for me to go anywhere else. 

I'm not kidding you I might have watched this video 47 times and I'm still going. This is what twitter is for ladies and gents. When you see things that literally just look like props from an Austin Powers movie chilling at the Olympics, you have fun with it!

Check the "Bullet Man" skiing. 

Also, you can't get mad at me for posting this. These statues art.

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