Pop It Pals Are Becoming A Craze For Pimple Poppers

Ehhhhhh that's going to be a no for me.. kinda

You know how bees are annoying insects but they are good for the well being of plants and all things nature. Well that's what pimple poppers are like to the general population. 

I hate popping pimples, but I don't hate when pimples are popped if I have a white head. 

I have bad acne let me make this very clear. That being said I cannot stand when I see white heads. Those things are so freaking gross. They sneak up on ya at the worst times and more than likely someone else is seeing it before you do. That's why we need pimple poppers.

I have a coworker named Ellen and she loves popping pimples. It's weird but whatever, it's what she likes. So when I have a whitehead that needs to go I hit up Ellen. 

So let's keep the social bees happy and let them have their toy. 

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