Kanye West Is On Instagram For Valentines Day


And what a card. No telling if this is from Kim Kardashian to Kanye West or if this was from Ye to Kim. Or maybe Kanye writes himself a Valentines Day card? Pick one of those three all probably have the same odds. 

What the coolest part about the card is he wins no matter what. 

What I see in this picture is Kanye woke up this morning and freaking out realizing today was Valentine's day. My dude ran downstairs to his printer grabbed a plane sheet of paper and made a card with the sharpie. Everyone has been in this situation before. It stinks but you gotta do what you gotta do.

However, those normal people rules don't apply to Kanye. What Yeezy just did right her is art. It is simplicity. It is clean. Crisp. Kanye just changed the Valentine's Day game. 

So shout of to you Kanye. Next Valentines Day she will be getting that "I just forgot but yeezy did this" card. 


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