Shaun White Apologizes For Comments On Sexual Harassment Case

Shaun White may have added another gold medal to his collection last night, but he had some apologizing to do this morning.


In a post-Olympic media conference held Tuesday night, Shaun was asked about the graphic sexual harassment suit that was filed against him in 2016. Shaun was sued by a female band member, Lena Zawaideh, who claimed White would text her d-pics and sex videos involving poop. I'm sure many of you just read that sentence again to make sure you read it correctly. Well, you did. Shaun White is apparently a poop guy. Shaun denied the allegations but settled the case in May of 2017 on terms that were not disclosed.


Shaun appeared on The Today show this morning, where he publicly apologized for his insensitive choice of words when discussing the allegations against him. If ya'll ask me, he should've addressed this poop thing because I KNOW I'm not the only person who is dying for the details on that. 


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