McDonalds To Get Rid Of Cheeseburgers and Chocolate Milk

Who woulda thought that when you get rid of all the food on your menu the calorie count goes down. I love McDonalds. People like to trash fast food nowadays and eat their avocado toasts and acia berry bullshit. If I can't pronounce (or spell) a word take THAT off your menu. 

I grew up on cheeseburgers and happy meal toys. Y'all remember when they had the Simpsons watches? All I wanted was the watch that said "are we there yet are we there yet"

Better than an apple watch.

Damn. I'd do anything for another one of those. Matter of fact I change my mind. Lets ditch the cheeseburgers. The chocolate milk is hella overrated compared to the Hi C I can't order anymore. 


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