Chadwick Boseman's Rolling Stone Cover Is Another W For Black Panther

Chadwick Boseman and Black Panther are continuing their dominance. 

This weekend the movie broke records. For their 3 day debut it raked in an estimated $192,000,000!! That's fifth all time. Now twitter gets to have fun with the new cover boy/superhero. 

Tweet of the day!

Man I really want to see this movie the problem is there is a lot of people who want to see it right now. I am really big on the whole "empty theater" experience. I like to kick my feet up. Sit on my phone right up until the movie starts. As soon as it is playing if I hear any type of noise the movie is ruined for me. I hate when people get up during the movie as well. This is bad for two seperate reasons. 

If they're leaving they might be gambling. This is the first time you see the movie. How do you know what's about to happen next. This a hole leaves misses a scene comes back and asks their friends to explain the movie. They start talking and just like that, movie is ruined. 

If they have scene the movie they might get up at a slow part in the film. Spoiler alert, movie ruined.

So I'm excited to see Black Panther, I've got high expectations of it becoming one of my favorite movies. That being said I'm going to wait it out. 

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