Khalid Stops Show To Hug Crying Fan

Just another reason to absolutely LOVE Khalid. The singer was on the stage for his Roxy tour last night in Glasgow when he stopped his show to give a crying fan a hug. 

If you go to his shows now you're definitely trying to cry and get his attention, right? I mean if I knew that was a way to get Selena Gomez's attention I would be water works central and her show. Before I get completely sidetracked let's get back to Khalid...

That's not the only good the Roxy Tour has produced. 

Khalid's tour is named after his puppy Roxy. 

$1 of every ticket sold will be donated to local animal shelters. 

We need more artists like Khalid!!!

Also I now can't stop thinking about Selena Gomez. 

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