Andy Dick Drinking Heavily And Lashing Out At Family

Andy Dick is back to his old ways of heavily drinking, which is part of the reason why Lena Sved has filed a restraining order against him. Lena, the mother of Dick's two children, says she found Andy screaming and cursing with broken dishes and glass all over the house 2 weeks ago. Court docs say that Lena could smell the vodka on his breath. Andy was apparently angry because his adult children were disrespecting him. Things escalated when Dick flipped a coffee table, only calming down after Lena had called 911. In her request for the restraining order she also describes a similar incident in January when Andy broke 2 windows to get into the house. Lena believes Andy is bipolar and gets erratic and verbally abusive when he's drinking. She also says he brings random strangers into their home, leaving her terrified for herself and their children. 

Lena and Andy have been on and off for years now, but in the court documents she says they're currently married. Now I've never married, but I would imagine marriage would be quite difficult when one has to stay 100 years away from his wife and children...which is exactly what Dick has to do. Lena was granted a temporary restraining order, which means Andy has to move out of the family home.

Y'all think his last name is a coincidence or what???? 


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