Gordon Ramsey Would Rather Eat Gross Food Than Admit To Pooping Pants


While Gordon Ramsey has probably tried a lot of unique dishes, I'm guessing chicken feet marinated in pickled pigs' feet juice was never one he anticipated.

Things got rather disgusting on The Late Late Show With James Corden last night while James and Gordon played "Spill your guts or fill your guts". In the game, the two asked each other a series of questions and they were given the option of either answering the question or eating a concoction made by the other. What surprised me the most was that of all the questions asked, one that Gordon chose not to answer was "When was the last night you pooped your pants?". 

It made me wonder, how often does Gordon Ramsey poop his pants that he didn't even want to answer this question? In fact, he was so adamant on not answering that question that he would rather eat chicken feet dipped in salmon ice cream topped with clam juice than admitting the last time he pooped his pants. If I had to choose between admitting the last time I pooped my pants and eating that- I would literally poop my pants on the spot and say now....but that's just me.


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