Taylor Swift Going Through Great Lengths To Keep Relationship On The DL

Taylor Swift is still dating British actor Joe Alwyn, but you would never know based on their lack of presence in the tabloids. The couple has managed to remain almost completely under the radar since they were spotted kissing at the Jingle Ball in December.

According to E!, the star has gone through great lengths to keep her new relationship on the DL. Swift flies to the U.K. on the regular to see Joe, but has worked out a system that includes secret flights, blacked out windows, and no public appearances. A source claims Tay is in the U.K. a LOT more than most people know.

Apparently, Taylor flies a private jet to a private airfield, getting her passport checked on board. She then takes a nondescript blacked-out car to Joe's home in north London. Once together, Taylor and Joe stay indoors rather than going out to dinner or to the bars. 

Considering her track record with relationships, do you blame her for keeping it a secret? 

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