Student Films Teachers' Reaction To Being Called By Their First Name

I love this so much. I can’t imagine what the thrill was like to record your teachers and call them by their first names. Blatantly breaking two rules right to the authorities. Phone out and addressing your teachers with “disrespect”. What. A. Rush.

I went to a pretty strict school in Michigan and hated it. I can’t imagine what it would be like to just call your teachers by their first name. To be honest I think I’d get a suspension of some sorts. That being said I went to an art school  for college. Not only was it a complete waste of money it was also a good learning experience of why using mr and mrs is completely unnecessary. In college we were told to call our teachers by their first name. This wasn’t because we were equals and the students had just as much responsibility as their teacher, rather a way to prepare us for the real world. In no professional setting do I see workers addressing their bosses by their surname. 

On an unrelated note I've been thinking about this lately and I feel like this would be a good time to ask this question... Am I crazy for missing school lately? I graduated last year from college and was ready to never see a school again. Damn I hate school. Anyways, I just miss being able to take sick days. Just wake up, not want to do anything and actually not do anything! Those were the days.

PS This blog is probably rittled with spelling mistakes and gramatical errors. So if any teaches are offended by this article feel free to correct my blog in the comments 

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