Turbulence During Flight Causes Passengers To Vomit

"Pretty much everyone threw up". Now I don't know too much about aviation reports (just made up that name, hope it sounds right) but if you don't laugh at "pretty much" you need a new sense of humor. 

Ever been on a flight where someone throws up? It is hands down one of the most awkward moments ever. You're in this enclosed area where any remotely loud noise will be heard and someone is yacking. No doubt in my mind if you throw up on a flight with me I will hate you forever. 

You ever fart on a plane? That smell sticks around. Vomit smell is even worse. 

The only time I would ever feel confident in throwing up on a plane would be if everyone did it. So I guess there is a little positive in all of this. At least no one felt self conscious. 

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