Bumble Bans Guns In Profile Pictures


I don't think this is a safe move I really don't. We live in American. Land of the free. The freedom of making the our own decisions. We have lost brave men and women because they were fighting for these rights! With Bimble doing this I really do fear that this will cause a lot of danger in this world. 

How the hell are women in this free country going to be able to know when a complete psychopath might be one swipe right away? The gun is an easy way to tell someone to make the decision and swipe left on that douchebag. Now they're just left to look for jean shorts and confederate flags.  

How pissed are you if your name is Chaz and you're in a frat in Texas? First your guns and now you chicks. RIP in Peace to Chaz's DMs. 


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