Dwayne Johnson Celebrates Winning a Razzie for Baywatch


Although Dwayne Johnson didn't take home an Oscar last night, he still has something to celebrate.

The Rock took to Twitter to announce that he was awarded a Razzie Award for his role in Baywatch. The Razzie award, which is given to the industry's worst movies of the year, was awarded to Baywatch on Saturday for a special category that the Razzie's and Rotten Tomatoes created called, "The Razzie Nominee So Bad You Gotta Love It!"

Instead of being a poor sport about it, The Rock jokes that the movie was so bad, they had to create another category for it....and he ain't lying. Anyone who saw Baywatch will probably agree this award was well deserved. You know a movie stinks when it can't even be saved by a shirtless Zac Efron.


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