The Oscars: What Happens During The Commercial Breaks

Nice seats CHUMP! Honestly I think I would rather just watch the show on TV if those were my seats. It's not like a Pistons, Wings, Tigers game where yous sit way up and have to sneak your way down. This is a jam packed event. But I need to stop hating, POSITIVE VIBE MONDAYS! 

Damn if I could be a fly on a wall for that conversation. Matthew McConaughey is one of the biggest most successful dudes in Hollywood! That being said he was talking to the GOAT when it comes to acting, Meryl 'The Queen' Streep. I like to think the conversation went a little like this.

Mathew: Well I am incredibly bored."

Meryl: "Same."

Now I have never been to a live taping of a television show. I once toured NBC in New York though. We were there for the Choir/Theater trip for Abbott Middle School. Now I know what you're thinking, and yes I have so many talents, and yes it is so much fun being me. Anyways the one thing that stuck in my head was the applause signs they had plastered all over the place. The ones that light up and tell the crowed what to do. So apart of me always wonders if during a live taping of a show live the Oscars, do they have this?..

No signs but direction from the 'Big Brother' voice. I don't hate the move. I wonder what goes through all those powerful rich people's heads when they're told what to do??

So nothing out of the ordinary happens. They don't get to watch the boring ass commercials on the TV screen (I honestly at one point thought that's what happens. They just hang out and converse amongst each other.

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