Woman Passes Out On Roller Coaster Ride #PrayForNiya


Scary scene at six flags this week as a woman passed out... alright I am incredibly jealous of Niya. 

No I really am and here's why. I'm a BIG theme park guy. Personal favorite is Disney World. Now I know what you're thinking, 'Grow up, you said theme park, go to a place that isn't made for kids and has big roller coasters.' Attention peasant, Disney World has it all! Slow rides, fast rides, big drops, VR, 4D, BAD ASS STUFF!!! If Disney or Universal isn't your first pick you're probably the same person that like Burger King over McDonald's or Wendy's, I digress.

My favorite part about theme parks is the unknown. There is always something scary but also fascinating about it. If you told me I could pass out on a ride and basically get a new ride experience every time I take that 10 time out of 10. 


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