Wolf Of Wall Street Will Pay $60 Million Settlement

I mean c'mon, if any movie would do this it only make sense that the Wolf is responsible. You watched the video so do I really have to write all this out? How about they hate on the movie and I just talk about how that movie is the freakin GOAT.

Y'all remember the Steve Maddon scene? 

Honestly I forgot there are a few but this one is my favorite.

Jonah Hill yellin STEEVE MADDOOOON. The amount of times I've heard that yelled at college parties is 0. I was never invited to one. But I like to think all the frat dudes yell it. 

How could we talk about The Wolf Of Wall Street without bringing up the standout performance from the incredible Margot Robbie?? I've seen the movie about 25 times now, I've seen this seen maybe 3,000...

Or the scene with the dog. If you have watched the Wolf you know exactly want I am talking about. If you haven't, you are really missing out.

The Wolf Of Wall Street also is the originator of my favorite GIF

Fun coupons for the whole crew. 

The crazy thing is the first time I saw this movie I was with my Grandmother. 

The whole movie I was really questioning why we saw this movie. I absolutely loved it I was laughing on the outside but on the inside I was a tiny bit afraid that she may get up and walk out during the movie. Well she made it all the way through as soon as the credits started to roll I was nervous to hear her reaction.. She loved it more than I did, damn gramma is a bad ass.

Anyways the company behind The Wolf is suing and what a shame that is. 

Hey Leo, you scared? 

Also this song is an all time jam.

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