Liam Payne Laughs Off Break Up Rumors

Hate to break the news to ya ladies, but I think Liam Payne just put the breakup rumors to rest.

On Tuesday, Cheryl Cole posted a series of photos on Instagram from her evening at the Prince's Trust Awards, one of which had her posing with Tom Hardy. Of course the tabloids took that and ran with it, as per usual, implying that the photo was some kind of proof that Liam and Cheryl were still having relationship issues. 

The rumors of the issues began in mid-February, and fans immediately pointed the blame to Liam's busy career, saying it forced him to leave Cheryl and their son, Bear, behind. While the two have denied all rumors, Liam recently took to twitter to prove that he finds humor in the rumor......not gonna lie that sounds like a near little punch line. 

Anyways..... check it out.

Nicely done Liam, nicely done.

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