GRAPHIC: Crips Member Shot Dead In Court Trying To Stab Suspect With Pen

Wild move to try to stab a guy with a pen. I'm thinking about which kind of pen this could be and majority of them don't really seem like that great of weapons. 

A ballpoint pen is too soft. Unless you really get some good momentum, I can't imagine it would do much. 

Now a pen like this could definitely do some damage. The owner of said pen was probably so mad. I am a pretty big pen guy. I have been using the same one I bought at target for about a year now. This thing is REALLY nice. Writes clean and feels great in your hand. 

I HATE when people try to use my pen. The other day I walked into my kitchen to see my brother doing his homework with it. I was rattled. Now if I walked into the kitchen and saw my 12 year old brother trying to stab someone with said pen I would be feel so defeated. I can write with a murder weapon, can't have that on my conscience.

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