Cardi B's Baby Is Due This Summer!

TMZ - Cardi B's set to pop out her baby this summer but, unlike Beyonce, she's not letting pregnancy stop her from performing at Coachella.

Sources close to Cardi B tell TMZ ... the rapper's due the first week of July and will be close to 7 months pregnant with Offset's kiddo when she takes the stage next month at Coachella.

Cardi B will be making baby moves at Coachella! We all remember Beyonce taking Coachella off because of the birth of her baby and I am sure because of this Cardi will catch some hate but why does it matter?

Cardi can make her own damn decisions and if she wants to make $100K a night performing then get your preggo ass out on the stage queen!!

Oh and if you hate guess what?!?! Cardi already has a response for you... 

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