Detroit's Bars Could Be Staying Open Until 4am

(Photo: Getty Images)

There's a bill in the Michigan Senate right now that would allow bars in Detroit to stay open two hours later, closing at 4am instead of the current 2am. This would only apply to bars in the downtown area, not the outskirts of the city or the suburbs.

People in support of this change are saying that the bars will make more money, and be able to compete with big cities like Chicago for events because of the later closing time. But people who are against it are worried that adding two more hours of drinking will only add more problems, including more drunk drivers.

Personally, I'm torn on this. All bars in Michigan are already allowed to stay open until 4am on New Years Eve, and I've partied in Chicago where the closing time is already 4am. So with those experiences, I think 4am is just kind of late to be out at the bar. On New Years Eve, the bars are already clearing out by 3am, so I don't know how much more money they're actually making after that.

I think a good tradeoff would be adding one more hour, closing at 3am. What do you think?

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