Shawn Mendes Hinting At New Music

Shawn Mendes keeps dropping clues about his next album and it's honestly getting me WAY. TOO. EXCITED.

Just before the weekend, the 19-year-old stud shared two images on his Instagram and Twitter account, which was nothing more than solid colors. The only time an artist shares a photo like this is when they're about to drop a fire album out of no where.

That's not all!!

Shawn shared another image that shows a billboard in New York City. While there is no album to be see, there is a giant picture of Shawn with a "coming soon" promise from Spotify. Hmmm..............


IT DOESN'T END THERE!! Shawn's latest post shows two dates, March 22nd and March 23rd which means (hopefully) we will get something about his new music this week...and by something I'm hoping for a full album. 


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