The Chainsmokers' Alex Pall Steps Out With Mystery Girl


Alex Pall appears to be doing just fine now that the cheating scandal has blown over. So fine, that he might even be stepping out with the girl from the surveillance videos.  

Nearly 2 months after the grainy video footage surfaced of what looked like Alex kissing a woman other than his girlfriend, the Grammy winner decided to show off some new arm candy. The new arm candy is 23-year-old model, Katelyn Byrd, who is also believed to be the woman from the surveillance videos. 

For those who missed it, Alex's ex-girlfriend Tori Woodward took to Instagram to out the star for cheating on her. Tori wrote, "After hours of begging him for scraps of honesty I chipped away just enough to confirm that this is not the first time he's remorselessly cheated on me. Consistent outright denial faded to him explaining that because all men do it it's not that bad and, in different words that because he's famous now he has a different rulebook for decency."  


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