Logic And Jessica Andrea Open Up About Their Divorce Speculation

TMZ  - Logic and his estranged wife, social media star and singer Jessica Andrea, want to shoot down rumors about why they're calling it quits -- and insist it wasn't the result of anything nasty.

The couple released a joint statement Tuesday, saying after 2 years of being married ... they've come to the "loving conclusion" they're better off as friends. They're also refusing to play the blame game, publicly ... saying, "It just didn't work out."

Normally Ciara would handle this shit. She is a HUGE Logic and Jessica Andrea fan. I will never forget the day when the divorce was announced. I'm sitting in my chair eating a salad. 

Damn I really hate salad. Here's the deal, I gained a little weight when I got the night gig. Before that I gained a little weight being in college. Back to back pound packers. Night time hours and college are great excuses to not care at all about the way you look. All you have to do is say "Oh I work so much it's hard for me to find time to workout. I really am trying to change it, it's a struggle", the sympathy card works every time. 

Well now things are different. I am have normal people hours and no excuses in sight. I cannot stress enough how much this salad stunk and Ciara is over in the corner eating Easter candy. As I'm struggling to stomach the arugula I notice Ciara is crying. How does one tear up with a purruffla of Robin Eggs and starburst jelly beans? Being the caring thoughtful good looking co worker I am, I asked what was wrong? 

"Hey dumbass, what's the tears for? Also could you get me some water? This salad is dry."

"Logic and his wife are getting divorced."

At this moment I realized I will never get my water. I needed that story blogged ASAP

I just don't get why we think this couple is "Goals AF". I had 0 clue who they were until they got divorced. So I did some heavy research (about 45 seconds worth) and here is what I found. 

No chance in hell that I'm going to watch this but I'm sure they were suuuuper cute.

These two will always be goals to me. 

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