Kylie Jenner Sets Her Summer Goals On Instagram

SUMMER GOALZ AF!!! Am I right?!?!

We will see if she can do it. I have faith but if it was me making these goals there is no doubt in my mind I would fail. I talked about my weight gain in a previous blog this week. I know everyone is talking how sick they are this weather but I kinda love it. Not too cold, but cold enough for my fat ass to layer. I keep telling myself I'm going to lose weight but as soon as I finish this blog I'm going to eat some ribs and french fries. 

Hold on... check this out.

Get a six pack for the ladies or devour this bad boy.. I'll take the latter 10 time out of 10. 

Matter of fact it's sunday. My day off. My man JC's day, ya dig?? Imma eat this and I'll talk to ya later. 

Do ya thang Kylie. 

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