Teacher Has An Interesting Punishment For Students Who Are Late

Showing up late to class is something I think all students should do. You know what you can get fired from by showing up late? Work. Know what you can't get fired from? School. Quote me on that.. Also quote me on this...

"""You miss 100 of the shots you don't take" - Wayne Gretzky" -Michael Scott" -Joe"

Teachers should be punishing students for showing up late. I'm not going back on what I said. Students should mess up and teachers should show them what is wrong and how to change. 

Make it fun. I used to have a teacher that would make us sing in front of the class if we were late more than 3 times in a semester. I kinda like what this teacher is doing. 

What I do need to talk about is this "kid" dancing. What the hell are you doing dressing like that? 

I had to watch this 3 times thinking I was missing the student dancing and only seeing the teacher dance. 

Buy a graphic tee for me, smoke some grass, be a kid once. I digress. 

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