Cheetah Hops In Car During Safari

Britton Hayes and his family were on a safari ride when an interesting companion decided to join their ride. I'm trying to sound all official but I seemed to have forgotten my whistle. YOU WHY DON'T YOU HAVE DOOR ON THIS CAR DUDE.

10 time out of 10 if you invite me on a safari ride and show me that car I say no. 

How is homeboy just sitting there all calm. That thing is gnawing on the seat. Cute huh?? Not when he get bored with the taste of leather and pounces on your ass. 

I have always been anti cheetah since they killed a close friend of mines parents. It's an incredibly tragic story but worth bringing up to bring awareness considering the fact that clearly some people aren't afraid of these vicious animals.  

The family lived in West Africa. This wasn't their plan but after a terrible storm they were stranded. Using their supplies they built an incredible tree house (Really pisses me off because when I was 7 my dad promised me a treehouse and I still have nothing). Unfortunately all was good until one night a Cheetah came in and brutally murdered both my friends mother and father. Thankfully his now adopted mother Kala was near and ended saving my friend!! Really is an incredible story and hard to believe but he ended up avenging the death of his parents. I have video of it. 


PS before you nerds start commenting "Sabor is a leopard", how about you just shut up and enjoy the show.

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