Tyga Sued By Simon Cowell's Ex Fiance

Tyga is finding himself in the middle of another lawsuit and also got his 5-year-old son sued in the process.

Mezhgan Hussainy, Simon Cowell's make up artist who he was once set on marrying, was renting out a house to Tyga for $40k a month. Tyga moved in in March of 2017 and paid rent for awhile.....and then just stopped. Mezhgan claims the rent stopped in January and Tyga has made no effort to catch up. She's suing to evict Tyga and get all of the rent back. One of the defendants listed in Tyga's son, King Cairo, because Tyga put the kid's name on the lease. But I mean c'mon.... how do you sue a lil face like this????


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