Blac Chyna's Six Flags Fight

Blac Chyna was spotted getting ready to rumble at Six Flags over the weekend with an 18-year-old girl.

The teenager, Alexis, claims the altercation started when she spotted Chyna's daughter, Dream, in a stroller. Alexis says Dream was being pushed by a nanny and Alexis had complimented the nanny, thinking she was the mother, on how cute the child was. Alexis apparently patted Dream's hand and that's when Chyna unleashed. After warning Alexis to not touch her kid, she later started threatening to whoop her ass. The altercation got physical when Chyna's bf, YBN Almighty Jay, whoever the hell that is, started punching Alexis and her sister several times. 

Chyna addressed the situation by saying she was simply defending her daughter, but sources close to Chyna say otherwise. Apparently things got heated when Alexis called Blac Chyna a "hood-rat." 

Now I'm just sayin.... if the shoe fits, wear it girl. 

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