Rob Kardashian May Take Legal Action Against Blac Chyna

TMZ - Rob Kardashian is livid at Blac Chyna for putting 1-year-old Dream in harm's way over the weekend at Six Flags ... so he's taking her back to family court, and this one's gonna hurt.

Sources connected to Rob say he has been watching Blac Chyna's antics in horror for months and is increasingly worried for his daughter's health and safety. The last straw was turning Dream's stroller into a weapon as she attacked a woman who dared to touch the kid.

So I guess Rob is pissed that Chyna tried to go all World Star at 6 flags and used their kids stoller. The child's name is "Dream". Check out the kid in the stroller. 

Wonder if this is before or after the incident. If that's after, wild move. 

To be honest if I was Rob I would be mad too. How do you take our daughter to 6 flags when we got Kardashian money? If I made that much I would only be at Disney. 6 Flags is the bootleg version of the happiest place on earth. 

Shame on you Blac Chyna.

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