'The Office' Predicted John Krasinski's Future

Is the internet the best or is the internet the best? Everyday I hop on to twitter with the expectation that I am going to be wowed by some new piece of information. Maybe a new Spongebob meme or a street fight video. Today we are blessed with some Office love. 


I want to be surprised by this but I can't say I am. Dwight could have easily been given this information via fax from future Dwight...  


SIDE NOTE: Damn it makes me so mad when I see famous people with awesome beards. John Krasinski has the fame. He has a beautiful wife. Millions of dollars. A happy family. Most importantly, the dude has an awesome beard. Meanwhile my mustaches still don't connect. What an unfortunate world I live in where I have to make the word mustache plural when I talk about mine. 


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