Khloe Kardashian Having Early Contractions

Although she isn't due until late April, Khloe Kardashian is having early contractions and her family is jetting to Cleveland to be by her side.

It's been reported the contractions recently started, which might have something to do with the videos recently surfacing of Tristan Thompson with his face burried in another woman's chest. Sources say Kris Jenner flew out this morning (Wednesday) and Kim along with other family members are scheduled to fly out Thursday and Friday. 

As for Tristan... he has a game tonight in Cleveland, returning home from his NYC rendezvous with his side chick. Khloe would typically be I attendance for Tristan's game, especially seeing as it's the Cavs' last home game of the regular season, but it looks like she's gonna take a hard pass on this one.



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