The Yodeling Walmart Kid Craze Continues As He Performs On Ellen

Remember this kid who went viral for singing in Walmart?

Well Ellen had him on today...

Such a touching story as Walmart will be helping this country kid out in college. I am sure he will make more money by then and realize college is a complete waste of time. 

Let's do a quick run through of some other highlights from what my man had to say. 

Couldn't agree more with his take on limos. I've had the opportunity to ride in a limo once (not to brag). It was pretty sick if we are being honest. This ride had it all!! Tinted windows, LED lights, bottled water, champagne, orange soda. What an incredible day when you disregard the fact that I was in it for my grandpa's funeral.

Be more wrong about sparkling water kid. You're in LA you doofus you're supposed to like anything expensive even if it is gross. Other than sparkling water, this would include escargot, kale, wheatgrass shots, 95% of the drinks at starbucks. 

Now I am not from the country but I might have been in a past life. I can't tell you how many times I have fallen asleep with some weed in my mouth. I really relate to this kid!

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