Jayde Nicole Frees Her Nipples Defending Florida Teen


Former Playmate Jayde Nicole didn't shy away when asked about a recent story involving a Florida teen free boobin' it at school.

TMZ caught Brody Jenner's ex leaving Warwick in Hollywood Wednesday night and asked her about the 17-year old girl who was forced to cover her nipples with Band-Aids when she came to school braless. Nicole and her friend wasted no time sharing their thoughts (and nipples) about the double standard.

There is one thing I want to say about this whole debacle. For those of you who think the Florida teen having to put Band-Aids on her nipples isn't a big deal has obviously never had to rip Band-Aids off of their nipples. Let me just fill you in on a little secret, they ain't lying when they say 'with beauty, comes pain' because one simply does not know pain until removing Band-Aids from their nipples. That is all. 


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